Hiob Ludolf Endowed Professorship

The “Hiob Ludolf Endowed Professorship in Contemporary Issues of the Horn of Africa” has been in existence for ten years. Professors from more than ten countries have so far held this professorship. Lecturers hold open lectures, organize workshops and advice students.

The lectures are dealing with current questions such as democratization and participation in political decision making, science and trade, small business, finance and social structures, the politics of health and medical care, land ownership and rights, training and education, development co-operation, in particular relations with Europe and the West and international understanding, but also topics in endangered languages and ethnicities, the co-existence of Christianity and Islam, to name but a few.
For instance, there have lately been held seminars on piracy along the coast of the Horn, or on the most recent changes in land ownership.

With the Hiob Ludolf Professorship we are creating a change in the conditions of study and research:

  • improving the curriculum by means of issues focusing on practical issues and thereby broadening students’ technical training
  • strengthening interdisciplinary studies
  • increasing international scientific co-operation.