Endowed Junior Professorship in Contemporary
Northeast African Issues


African and Ethiopian Studies in universities have as a rule been traditionally focussed: principal subjects are languages and, at most, history and culture, as well. Discussions with colleagues and students show that changes are urgently needed – because of the situation in North East Africa, but also with respect to the training of scientists and individuals who in future will be leading business, education and culture in the region.

A range of topics is necessary which closely addresses pressing contemporary issues in academic training. In Hamburg, there has been in existence for some years the Hiob Ludolf Guest Professorship, which is trying to fill this gap. Seminars and lecture series deal with the development of the region, e.g. with questions of politics, business, social and health services, law, education, development cooperation and not least the co-existence of religious groups.

This commitment is not however sufficient for the lightning rate of development in Africa: “Africa is changing more quickly than our perception of it” as former Bundespräsident Horst Köhler says. We need to act and as far as we can try to prevent future generations of Africans from becoming lost generations. Large foundations have long recognized that it is not sufficient in the long run to provide disaster relief and refugee aid, simple educational programmes and basic medical care. It’s all about the promotion of academic education in social core areas and scientific-economic cooperation as a sign of humanity in practice.
Ever since the creation of the German-Ethiopian Foundation 15 years ago, the establishment of a professorship in Contemporary Issues of North East Africa has been on the agenda. In 2013 the Foundation and the University of Hamburg with the support of colleagues and business decided to create a Foundation Professorship. The first step will be a Junior Foundation Professorship, after which the permanent professorship will be possible.

The project is a big financial challenge that we can now overcome together. A member of the Foundation has for years been seeking to advance the project personally with steady endowments, and a sponsor from the world of business is supporting us generously, so that capital is continuously growing.

We are asking you for support for this exceptional community project. You can do this in different ways: with a single or repeated endowments or repeated transfers. There are two possibilities for this: either to the Foundation’s account at the Norddeutsche Landesbank (IBAN: DE29 2505 0000 0200 4692 78, BIC: NOLADE2HXXX, see also the attached text), or through the donation platform “Betterplace” (www.betterplace.org), where you can easily donate online to the project “Junior Professorship for burning questions of North East Africa”.

Donate now! This donation form is a free service provided by betterplace.org.

The University of Hamburg manages incoming donations under the heading “Ethiopian Junior Professorship” [„Äthiopische Nachwuchsprofessur“]. In this way we are following the principles of good donation practice. Transfers are possible in any international currency, either under your name or anonymously. If you specify your personal details you will receive a receipt for the donation. Even if you can only make what in your opinion is a small contribution, any support will contribute to achieving our common goal..
We will regularly report on further developments. We will respond at all times to questions and suggestions.
We thank you for your participation in this forward-looking project for the development of Ethiopia.

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